Welcome to Liminal Radio. It is free to listen to.

Liminal Radio is a fully licensed, advert-free radio station you can play on your smartphone. No apps. No adverts.

This project wishes to maintain its integrity and independence. But we have hungry technology and and hard-working bands to feed (through the licences), so we really really really need support. To support Liminal Radio, to sustain us, then either please select the "subscribe" button above (only two pounds; its buskers' rates!) or support us through Twitter or Facebook. That would be an enormous help; as would telling us how to make this a truly liminal experience......!

Liminalism is, ultimately, is what we're here for.

We make no apologies for the clunky nature of this website; perfectly liminal. We'll polish the website up a bit in good time, with your support. It's the music and (y)our independence that's important.

Let's push the boundaries. Go on. Push it!


Does your music fit with the style played at Liminal Radio? Then we would really like to hear from you. Send us a link to your music here and we'll take it from there.